Monday, December 27, 2010

The 3 Best Shoes I Bought This Year

This was a pretty good year for the economy, for iPad owners, and for me, because I bought some puhretty sweet shoes. Here are three of the best pairs of shoes I purchased this year. (In case you were wondering.)

1.) Ce Ce Chin Sloan Black Lace Pump
The kind people at, which is like Gilt Groupe but strictly for shoes, sent me a gift certificate for a free pair, and I got these Ce Ce Chin -- she's the designer behind 80%20 -- black lace overlay pumps with a beaded heel inspired by vintage perfume bottles.

Here's a better image of the heel's detail:
I wear them with black skinny jeans or my black Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress.

2.)  Matiko Leila Studded Loafers
($119.50, Matiko,

I got these Matiko studded loafers back in July at Solestruck, which has a really excellent collection of boutique brands at affordable prices. They're obviously um, "inspired" by Christian Louboutins. I love them, but within just a few months, some of the studs fell off, and by this point the heels are starting to get small holes in them, though mainly because I guess I walk like somewhat of a total freak. They're deep within the winter of their lives, but for $100, they were well worth it. 
3.) Haus Of Price Seashell Booties
($245, Haus Of Price,

Yes, indeed I did spend over $100 on black booties covered in seashells. I got these Haus Of Price handmade booties from StantonJames, which I WISH had a location in New York, by the way, and they are absolutely my everything. When I unboxed them, it was like unboxing a thrill, and not even my husband's "were those an arts and crafts project made by residents of a nursing home" inquest was enough to dissuade my instant love. They're SUPER comfortable, and my only complaint is that some of the shells got crushed, but that's the price you pay for wearing shoes covered in real shells. It's a risk worth taking. Anyway, my Haus Of Price booties mean the world to me, they are my everything. Essentially, they're the bootie version of my favorite Toni Braxton song.



Love those loafers! They're so different!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

I cannot believe you spent actual money on those shell shoes. FOR REAL, DUDE????

Mon Petit Avatar said...

I love the Ce Ce Chin Sloan Black Lace Pump, what a cute statement shoes.

TT's Attic said...

I absolutely love the first pair!! Adds a great edge to the basic black shoes!

Check out my fashion blog and website;

TT's Attic said...

I absolutely love the first pair of shoes!!! Adds a great edge to the basic black heels.

Check out my fashion blog and website;

alisha_khan said...

loving this post

Mai-Chan said...

omg those shoes are to die for!

laura said...

Oh, tamar, I love you but... THE SHELL SHOES?



WendyB said...

Works of art!

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