Monday, January 10, 2011

I'd Get Along Famously With These Shoes

($549, Yotam Solomon,
I can tell just by looking at these Yotam Solomon heels that we'd be a great match. A perfect fit. I love how architectural and slightly post-apocalyptic they feel. A little like a motorcycle boot had unprotected sex with a stiletto.

Yotam Solomon also has a collection inspired by the BP Oil Spill. Proceeds go to the clean-up.

Also love the Verre pump:
($679, Yotam Solomon,
They're SEVEN inches high, which is almost taller than me (almost), but I love the color combo. It's like an updated take on "Valley of the Dolls." They make me want to put them on and heat up the lasagna.


Theresa said...

Those heels are fierce! Those 7 inchers are right up my alley. Since I'm only 5'2, I'm always on the look out for platform heels. I've never worn heels that tall. I wonder how hard they are to walk in..

m.k. said...

@Theresa. Trust me, Yotam Solomon's shoes are THE most comfortable heels to walk in! I don't know why more people don't make shoes like him!

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