Thursday, May 05, 2011


Jesus. In the immortal words of Lil Kim, "Puffy, hold me down, baby!"
($147, By Paige,
HOLD ME, SOMEONE. ANYONE. I love a horse like I love a cat, and I ALSO love needlepoint, and it's all happening at once, and I'm really overwhelmed. This is like finding a four-leaf clover and rubbing it and a genie pops out and gives you three wishes so you wish for world peace, no more disease, no more tacky sublimated shirts, and finally the genie goes "you've asked for very excellent things, so you get a bonus wish!" And you wish for the most perfect pair of shoes in the world, and he snaps his blue fingers and these needlepoint horse shoes appear. They're by By Paige, and they're hand-stitched!!! Miracles? I believes in them.

($147, By Paige,
Not one but TWO foxes? Huh-dorable.

($147, By Paige,
Looove a red lobster.

LOOOve a blue crab.
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