Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PLEASE Stop Making Sneaker Heels Happen

($137, Ash, Asos.com)
People! HOW many more eyeballs need to be senselessly scorned before someone TAKES A STAND and DOES something about sneaker heels? STOP the war on good taste! (Disclosure: I once owned a pair of sneaker heels in like 2000, back when it was okay to dress like a Spice Girl and NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT FASHION. I thought I was a bad-ass. But I EDUCATED myself. I realized I WAS NOT, in fact a bad-ass. And I NEVER repeated the mistakes of my past.)

Do your part to end sneaker heels forEVER. Sign this petition to put an end to this crime against fashion.


Anonymous said...

These are a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I don't like sneaker heels, but I like wedges, eh. :)

Kira Rana said...

Lol..horrible shoes..never owned a pair myself and I am glad I havent.



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