Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Air Conditioning And These Textile Elizabeth & James Slouchy Collins Jeans Are The Only Things That Make Summer Tolerable

($225, Textile Elizabeth And James, Shopbop.com)
Just like you're either a hat person or you're not (I'm decidedly not-a-hat-person, by the way) -- I've come to realize that I'm just NOT a boyfriend jeans person. Maybe I just haven't found the right... boyfriend... but they always give me Humpty Dumpty Mom butt. Which is a hybrid term I made up for a dumpy-looking butt and mom jeans. Though that's pretty self-explanatory, I think.

ANYWAY, point is, I love a nice pair of slouchy, comfy jeans, especially in the summer. And these Textile Elizabeth & James Collins Jeans are like the apotheosis of comfy slouchy summer jeans. I love the slightly Huck Finn-ish nature of the roll-up cuffs and the front patch pockets -- front patch pockets are more summery than those double Popsicles!!! Plus, the forgiving drawstring means there's room for me AND that massive bag of Kettle Corn I straight CRUSHED during the Tonys.

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