Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Meet Rapper Kellee Maize & Win An Elizabeth & James Crab Ring!

Credit: Laura Petrilla
Ohai! Ever wanna join in a ménage à trois? We're you're about to find yourself in some three-way love because I've got a lot for you to process about an rapper named Kellee Maize, fashion site StyleSegment.com, and a crab ring by Elizabeth and James. MOM I can explain!

Kellee Maize is an indy rapper from Pittsburgh. Like Wiz Khalifa! Except she's a she. And she raps about things like the patriarchy and quantum physics, she does mad yoga, and she founded Nakturnal, a female-owned and operated branding and promotional agency that unites the art world and the corporate world to inspire women, promote independent artists and raise awareness for worthy causes. She also shares serious knowledge like "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday" and "There is more to life than increasing its speed."
She's turned down a handful of record label deals and racked up shiztons of YouTube views on her own with her empowering lyrics, witty wordplay and willingness to have fun with fashion -- case in point, her huh-dorable video "Big Plans," where she plays five different characters (six, if you count herself) and changes clothes about twice that...

Which brings me StyleSegment.com, a site that connects fashion industry insiders to aspiring designers nationwide. They manage the wardrobe at many of Kellee Maize’s video shoots. Which brings me to...

This Elizabeth and James crab ring:

EEEE! He's got little RUBY eyes!

Kellee Maize and StyleSegment.com asked me if I'd like to collaborate on a giveaway. And since this summer is the fifth anniversary of FashionBinge, I said "Lemme think about that..KAY!" 

All you have to do is check out Kellee's video for "All The Way Down," which Kellee performed at Bonnaroo this year.

If you like it, you can download her Aligned Archetype album for free.

To enter the Fashionbinge x Kellee Maizee Elizabeth and James Crab Ring giveaway:

1.) Listen to Kellee’s song "All The Way Down." 
3.) Leave a comment on this post. 
4.) Tweet FashionBinge the message below: 

"I <3 @FashionBinge x @KELLEEMAIZE"

I’ll choose my favorite comment and contact you via Twitter by Tuesday, July 12 at 8pm ET. Good luck!

** Disclosure: I was compensated for hosting this giveaway.


PrincessE said...

ohhh I love that I'm first...just like I am with fashion.

PrincessE said...

oooh I love that I'm first...just like I am with fashion!

hannah said...


OCASSE said...

I usually don't like crabs, but how cool is that ring!

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