Friday, July 22, 2011

Perfect Shorts By Charlotte Ronson

In case you've been fast asleep in an underground bunker (and I may almost be jealous of that if it's well-air-conditioned and contains delicious foods), you may have noticed that it's HOTTER THAN ANCIENT EGYPT. Normally I avoid shorts like a mystery wet spot on an F train seat, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and even desperate-r times call for shorts.

$67.50, Charlotte Ronson,

Against all foreseeable odds, I found a pair of spectacularly adorable shorts. They're by Charlotte Ronson, and they're excellent for many reason, the main one being that they're not totally flat-front, because those only look okay on children. You're a WOMAN, for Peter, Paul and Mary's sake. Accentuate your figure a little, why don't you? A slightly pleated short is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE, and a drawstring makes waists happy. Especially if you didn't realize you had one. And the khaki camper look -- neutral shorts and a pair of moccasins or loafers is a favorite of mine. Perfect with a weekend tee or a decent-dinner silk top. Another favorite? A sale! Act now! Cute shorts half off. (Ha ha! Get it? Half off? MAN I'm hilarious.)


Life as Leah said...

love them! i live in nc, and it was 107 here yesterday-ouch!

Danielle Kerani said...

Amazing blog! I love the shorts. They're exactly the perfect blend between fashionable and comfortable :) Keep up the wonderfully organized blog!


City Girl said...

i haven't heard of them but they seem lovely!

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