Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jenny Packham Sorrento Wedding Dress: I'm Selling Mine!!

LADIES (and/or crossdressers). I'm selling my Jenny Packham Sorrento wedding dress. It is the most gorgeous thing on the planet, and, I'm nahganna lie -- I felt like the most gorgeous thing on the planet wearing it when I got married in February 2010. I'm happy to say that I'm very happily married. Which is why I really see no need to hold onto this dress. Why let it hang in my closet when it could be in yours, pretty lady?

Yes, that is a jeweled back and INSANELY intricate, breathtaking beadwork on the bodice. It's offwhite with a gorgeous silk chiffon overlay, and I had the train taken up slightly so the bottom wouldn't get completely jenky. (Note: I didn't tie mine into a bow. Just a personal preference.)

When I was looking at wedding dresses, I knew I didn't want one of those enormous princess cupcake dresses, which is what I call those dresses that take up the whole room and make you look like a human wedding cake. I was going for a 1930s Hollywood Deco screen siren thing, and Jenny Packham totally made that happen. Of course, it cost me: real talk, I paid I think somewhere around $4000 for my Jenny Packham dress. Was it worth it? HELLS YES it was worth it. Is it ABSURD to spend the cost of a used car on something you wear for like, nine hours of your entire life? YES. Of course. As someone who's usually totally frugal, I absolutely know that. But I found this dress very early on in my search, and since I also believe in the value of opportunity costs, I realized that the money I'd spend on this dress was worth the price of not spending the following 10 months of my life continuing to look for wedding dresses and dealing with assholes in bridal shops. Which brings me to my next point: I got my dress at Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier, and they were the most lovely, wonderful people with absolutely phenomenal customer service. (It was just the other bridal places I didn't want to deal with).

I DIGRESS. I'm selling my dress for far less than what I paid for it. It's approximately a US size 8/10 and can of course be sized down. I had some alterations done to the bodice for obvious reasons of support. It's in 99% flawless condition (there's a tiny flaw somewhere on the skirt, but it's so minor I couldn't find it the last time I looked).

I'm in Brooklyn, so it'd probably help if you live in the New York area and can come try it on.

Okay! Want it? Email me or leave a comment with your email. Yay! We're all pretty!

By the way, here are a few wedding photos: One of the dress, one of us GETTIN' IT DONE at Divine Studio on Lafayette and 4th Street here in Manhattan (HIGHLY recommend them for your wedding) and one of me as EPIC BARBRA (Tamarbra?)

Credit: Wedding photos: Angelica Glass


Anonymous said...

This dress is so amazing, completely stunning and can imagine you felt like the only princess in the world when you wore it! Why would you want to sell such a lovely creation!! Love this dress...just need to find my prince now!

z a n a said...

Amazing dress! <3

Aurelia said...

Firstly, your wedding looked gorgeous! And you looked so beautiful...Do you still have the dress? I cannot find it anywhere anymore :( It's stunning and the only dress I've found after months of searching that I love. PLEASE email me THANK YOU!

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