Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miu Miu's Glitter Ankle Boots Are The Most Important Shoes Ever

Seriously, when was the last time a shoe was as crucial as Miu Miu's glitter ankle booties and criss-cross ankle boots? How can ONE shoe be SO important? They're stunning and stuntin'. Elton John-legit with a sickness. Marc Bolan-bonkers.Yellow glitter AND mint green suede? WHO COMES UP WITH THIS SHIT? Miu Miu, that's who!

Yes, I'm aware that these Miu Mius are becoming as ubiquitous as Lady Gaga or iPads, but I still DGAF.I'm no fashion reverse-snob contrarian. I don't care if every woman in this entire country turned into a redundant army of Miu Miu-shoe-wearing sherpas. I'd slip them on and catch a grenade for them.

Of course, at almost $900, I'm either gonna have to develop kleptomania and a pair of steely balls or just commit to distant admiration.

$890, Miu Miu, Net-a-Porter.com
$890, Miu Miu, Net-a-Porter.com

$890, Miu Miu, Nordstrom
PS: Sorry for going AWOL! I was in LA for the VMAs, where I mainlined Starbucks and didn't leave LA Live for a WHOLE WEEK. Tears!


Fashion Inciter said...

If only they were all glitter, they would be perfect =P

Life as Leah said...

I love the last ones the most!

Anonymous said...

I love the sparkle and glitter. Want want want!!

Steffen said...

These are gorgeous!!


Caz Antoniƶ said...

I think these shoes are absolutely hideous. They look like part of a clown costume.

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