Monday, August 15, 2011

Woah. Old Navy Has Some Really Cute Shoes For Fall

I know. I was a little surprised too. But I was shopping for some yoga pants that aren't massive cheesy (oxy moron?) when I found these extremely cute basic wedges and ankle boots for fall. Thanks Old Navy!
$36.94, Old Navy
The sueded desert boots have a 3" platform. I got them in grey, but they come in olive and camel grey to wear with dark skinny jeans and a black sweater, perhaps. Or perhaps not if something better comes along!

$36.94, Old Navy
$29.94, Old Navy
And hi, perforated Oxfords! I love a perforated Oxford instead of a ballet flat when the weather is no longer ballet-flat appropriate, which is always humbling.

$36.94, Old Navy
The desert boots remind me of Joie's desert boots. (As I'm sure Joie is aware.) In the words of Andre 3000, I'm just bein' honest.

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Robo said...

They have some legit clothes, too! Hadn't been to ON for ages and got 3 tees for like $6 each, a pair of jeans (!), and there are a few other covetable tops. Whoda thunk?

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