Monday, August 15, 2011


I was just having a regular day today until... I received a mass email from Puma and shit got real. They just released their new Monochrome line, and it's kind of major (although I wished someone called me to ask which colors I'd prefer but... the yellow will do). It's seriously all monochrome everything, and clearly I need to own everything from every colorway.

In my opinion Puma has been lacking in the style department of late and I'm happy to say that they're making a step back in the right direction with this collection. I've noticed as a brand they're veering away from strictly fashion and getting back into a marriage of fashion and athletic apparel. "Athletic"... right. That's not in my vocabulary.

You can choose from hunter green, red, black, blue and yellow. There's a small part of me that's itching to get one of everything and wear it all at once. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! It brings back a childhood memory of this eccentric elderly family friend who used to dress in all one color. The most memorable was the day I saw her in hot pink from head to toe with matching hot pink lips and eyebrows. I remember my mother and aunt having to leave the room in a fit of laughter claiming she mistook her lip liner for her eyebrow pencil... but now that I think about it, maybe she was just committed and ahead of her time...

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