Friday, September 23, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell's Cat Tapestry Lita Heels: THERE ARE NO WORDS!

$150, Jeffrey Campbell,
There are no words, and yet... there are SO many things to think and say about Jeffrey Campbell's Lita CAT TAPESTRY heel. And the first one begins with "meow." The next? "WHO WILL BUY ME THESE"???? It's as if, unbeknownst to me, someone from Team Jeffrey Campbell took a scan of my brain, saw that my thoughts primarily consist of shoes, cats, and kitschy things, and the resulting cat shoe was born. VOILA!

As my friend @sarahfromthewww said, they're totally KITTEN HEELS. Get it? 


The Importance of Being Perfect said...

These are a little creepy, but I think I love them.

Dont Tell My Closet I'm Broke said...

these are the cats MEOW!!!!....and sure to scare off any prospective luvA ;)

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