Friday, September 09, 2011

Missoni For Target Fashion's Night Out Pop-Up: I SURVIVED!

Fuck what you heard about Irene. Missoni For Target took New York City by storm at Fashion's Night Out, and I braved the HOARDES OF HOARDY SHOPPERS to cover the pop-up for MTV Style.

It was daunting, it was packed, it was 1 MILLION DEGREES in the shade, but I went in, and came out with two diaphanous black pleated maxi skirts, two pairs of black-and-white zigzagged pajama pants (TOO HOT! TOO CRAZY TO TRY ON ANYTHING, so I bought two sizes), one silk(-ish) robe and $212 broker.

Check out my experience bravely shopping the Missoni For Target pop-up shop for MTV Style, and don't miss the collection when it hits Target and Sept. 13. (Like you could miss it.)

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