Monday, September 12, 2011

PHOTOS: Alexis Bittar Resort 2012

My very favorite jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar, recently released his Resort 2012 collection, and the lookbook alone is art. I mean, THERE'S A WIDE-EYED CAT (an Abyssinian if I'm not mistaken, and believe me, I'm not usually mistaken when it comes to cats) LOOKIN' TO RUN UP ON SOME JAGGED LUCITE-AND-GOLD BRACELETS! This is solidly within my wheelhouse!

The whole thing is very surreal, very neon (I always gravitate toward his '80s references) meets gold meets LOL Cats meets Man Ray.

+ Check out the Alexis Bittar Resort 2012 lookbook on Alexis Bittar's Facebook.

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