Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Have A New Jewelry Tumblr! NOW WHO Wants To Win A STUN-NING Ippolita Resin Mother-Of-Pearl Bangle?

SO many things going on here in the world at Camp FashionBinge! A zillion people INCLUDING KANYE WEST are occupying Wall Street and using all of the available bathrooms! They discovered glowing cats that could help fight AIDS. I shot a year-end video series for VH1, which was quite fun. (Sadly, none of the Basketball Wives were there). I had the teeeeensiest quote in the New York Times. Small, true, but it was enough to make my hyperbolic Jewish mother call everyone she knows back in Cleveland and tell them I just got a new job as the editor-in-chief of the New York Times. (YOU DIDN'T HEAR?) And, I recently dipped a painted toe in the milk of Tumblr, to paraphrase something that Elvis Costello hardly said and barely meant.

My new Tumblr is called AddictedToAccessories.Tumblr.com. As one might correctly glean, it's a Tumblr completely devoted to my magpie-like fixation with jewelry. Expensive's not always better, but bigger is almost decidedly best.

To celebrate the launch of AddictedToAccessories, I've teamed up with Ippolita jewelry -- they make everything from timeless diamond pieces like this gold and diamond bracelet (FashionBinge bucket list!) to more affordable, more modern pieces like their excellent Hard Gloss resin collection -- to give away a very AddictedToAccessories-leaning bangle.

It's a black resin and mother-of-pearl bracelet. And it's decadently Deco, right? Wanna win it? Here's how?

1.) Follow @FashionBinge and @IppolitaJewelry on Twitter.
2.) Retweet this Tweet.
3.) Leave a comment in this post with your twitter handle and your email.

The winner will be contacted by email.
Giveaway ends Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 5pm ET.

Okay, now go be a nice person and Like Ippolita on Facebook.


Kittenhayley said...

Hi, I love Ippolita Jewelry!!
I just found your site from an Ippolita tweet a few minutes ago - glad that I did.
My twitter username is: @kittenhayley
and email - princesshayley@mail.com

Bkimmel said...

@theblackstitch - theblackstitch@gmail.com

dee said...

followed, followed and retweeted. deedee_oscar. pixie0914@hotmail.com. love, love, love the bracelet!

WendyB said...

I'll add you to my blog roll!

dropastitch@yahoo.com said...

Following you both as @dropastitch

Email dropastitch@yahoo.com

Portia said...

Love decadent Deco styling! Great Gatsby, sign me up!


Kelly in DC said...

gorgeous. I saw your tweet b/c I follow Ippolita. I'm excited to now follow you too.



Keeping my fingers crossed!!! thanks!

Kelly in DC said...

not sure if my last comment went through so I'll try again. I saw your tweet b/c I follow Ippolita. I'm excited to follow you as well now. Plus I bookmarked the blog.



Keeping my fingers crossed! !Thanks

dropastitch@yahoo.com said...


dropastitch@yahoo.com said...


dropastitch@yahoo.com said...


Kelly in DC said...

I keep retweeting :o) I don't know if I've ever been so excited for a random Tuesday, hehe.


Kelly in DC said...

I keep retweeting. I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a Tuesday, hehe.




Pinkdotties said...

pinkdotties at gmail dot com

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