Monday, October 10, 2011

StyleMint T-Shirts Are Truly The Most Perfect T-Shirts Ever, IMO

God BLESS Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Not only was their brain juice potent enough to come up with idea to sell a $39,000 crocodile skin backpack THAT ACTUALLY SOLD OUT, but they've also gone and created the most perfect t-shirts of all time, anywhere, ever via their StyleMint collection.

StyleMint was kind enough to send me a credit for a tee -- in case you haven't been schooled, StyleMint is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's monthly t-shirt subscription site. Every month they create a small selection of tees, each of which sells for the insanely reasonable price of $29.99 per shirt. You can take a little style test (fun!), and every month you get a cute little curated selection of tshirts selected based on your style preferences. Like, maybe you're a bit of a Marilyn, perhaps you're kind of a Charlotte or more of a Hermione or possibly a little Alexa. There's a t-shirt for that! You can either sign up for a monthly credit, which entitles you to any tee at any time, you can bank your credits and get a million tees, or you can buy a la carte (which is what I prefer, but that's just me). All StyleMint t-shirts are available in limited supply.

I opted for the navy blue "Rush" top with cream-colored polka dots. It's a "shark bite" style cut, which usually annoys me, but instead it created the most epic billowy, drapey situation. It was totally slouchy, not schlumpy, which is a very important distinction.

I wore this t-shirt without washing it more times than I should probably admit on the Internet, pulling together an easy, affordable everyday outfit for fall, styling it with a vintage gold necklace and some bangles and my J. Crew Surplus khaki pants, WHICH ARE FULLY ON SALE NOW, btw:

$24.99, J. Crew
(You gotta wear these rolled up a bit, Preppie.)

And... my well-worn Minnetonka studded fringe moccasins:
$49.99, Minnetonka,
J. Crew also sells moccasins, but I'd like to think it's because Jenna Lyons has been reading FashionBinge for years, knows I like to rock a moc, and was like ORDER ME 10,000 UNITS, STAT!

Anyway, StyleMint t-shirts are the most comfie thing I've put on my body that isn't sleepwear, they're super easy to style, fully flattering, and ONLY $29.99. Plus shipping. Order two. Actually, order just get four and we'll call it even.

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