Thursday, December 15, 2011

Charles Jourdan Taupe Heels From Ideeli: All I Want For The First Day Of Chanukkah

Y'all, HURRY THE EFF UP. Chanukkah's just five days away, and there are EIGHT DAYS of it. Fortunately, I've compiled a list of the MANY many things I'd like to help you shop for me. Because I am just so thoughtful!
$79.99, Charles Jourdan,
The first thing I'd like for Chanukkah are these EXCELLENT Charles Jourdan perforated taupe heels. They're from the chill bros at Ideeli, who were nice enough to invite me to their holiday preview, where I was informed that they have EXCELLENT holiday gifts. Um, like these Charles Jourdan heels... FOR ME! Also, hi. This French Connection sequined jacket? It's just $79.99. GET IN AT THE GROUND LEVEL.

PS: Don't belong to Ideeli? Not belonging SUCKS! Sign up (and be my almost-IRL friend)! here.

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