Monday, January 23, 2012

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2012: The Key Pieces

Looks like Michael Kors headed west for his Pre-Fall 2012 collection. Quintessential American designer goes quintessentially American, leaves the mortifying stars and stripes and dusty bandannas behind (remember those Guess ads!?), thankfully. Gratuitous use of animal byproducts, asymmetrical hemlines, SUPER cinched waists, slightly S&M-ish straps and harnesses, rugged rucksacks, and, yes, literally cowboy hats (though thankfully none in like, those wretched pinks or mint or something cowgirl types wear.) It's equine-inspired, elegant cowpoke chic, not mechanical-bull-riding cowgirl.

Because I'm Jewish, I can say with 150% confidence that I will never, ever wear a cowboy/-girl hat, but I'm fully behind Michael Kors' thoroughly modern taken on a classic American look.

Here are the key pieces. Giddyup.
Is it warm in here, or is that just my ginormous fur coat-beard?

The British are coming! And I'm not gonna lie -- they're wearing J'AMAZING red coats with fur stoles.

Michael Kors' take on Rick Owens. Results: good, goth-y.

I would do anything for Michael Kors' belted Mongolian lamb jacket. But I won't do a cowboy hat.

Never in a trillion years could I pull off those plaid pants, but I want that bag all over my body NOW.

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