Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Uh, Gap's Got Denim Overalls That Are Trying To Pass As A 'Jumpsuit'!! HELP!

I was on Gap.com trying to find these AWESOME printed skinny jeans my friend was recently wearing (and apparently were, like, $8!), when I came across this:

I guess... it's a denim jumpsuit. Sorry, but this is just WAY too close to overalls territory for me. I have very few absolute truths in my life but the few I do hold fast to, I'm absolutely stalwartly committed to, and one of those absolute truths is that I will NEVER, EVER EVER wear overalls.

... And it looks even scarier going than coming.

I guess we all make mistakes. At least the model proves that if Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez somehow combined eggs and had a child, it'd be very attractive and cool-looking. But that's probably obvious.

Oh yeah, I never found the jeans.

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