Monday, March 26, 2012

Frye Studded Out EVERYTHING For Fall

Frye clearly set their stud guns to infinity for their Fall/ Winter 2012 collection, because everything is truly, unapologetically studded up. Motorcycle boots, ankle boots, sneakers, saddle bags, clutches. If it's leather, Frye studded it out with vigor. As if that hadn't sold me hard enough, their F/W collection is unabashedly distressed and duressed (which is a cool word I made up).

Freshly scrubbed Tory Burch types, fear not: Frye's got delicate, perfectly tailored classic riding boots done right. But if, like me, you've been described as "delicate" approximately zero times in your life, you'll probably fall hard for the gravel-road-meets-Gotham, rode-hard, knicked-and-kicked appeal of Frye's new collection.

One of my Frye favorites -- a knee-high boot that stretches to fit those of us with calves the size of jumbo grapefruits. (For some reason, I have calves like I'm a member of the Italian national soccer team. The men's team, unfortunately.)

Done. The greatest motorcycle boots ever created. I can die now.

1 comment:

Liina said...

Ooh, I need those stretch boots! I have melons for calves. Do you know the style name or anything to find them buy? :)

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