Wednesday, May 02, 2012

LL Bean's Signature Collection Has About 1 Million Cute Things

Believe it. Yes, I too think of fly fishing and WASPs in sensible shoes when I think of LL Bean. But the brand has taken a cue from J. Crew and the heritage-Americana trend and SIGNIFICANTLY stepped it up in the appealing-to-younger-sorts department with their Signature collection, which references the brand's timeless signature pieces with the understanding that the Internet now exists and everything's gotten cuter. And this younger sort right here is 100 percent ready to board the USS LL Bean Signature, which is setting sail for Cuteness Cove... Or something.

As you're surely aware, LL Bean started out as a sportswear company back in approximately 1302 AD, when people depended on killing beavers to survive and needed to wear proper footwear and rainproof outdoorsy gear to then trade the fur pelts for crude forms of thread and early iPod docking stations. I mean... that's kind of a fractured version of LL Bean's history, but I'm pretty sure it's pretty close. LL Bean was clothing of necessity, not of desire. But their Signature collection, which was given a retro update and features smart, sophisticated, easy-to-wear and simple-to-style summer staples, is a far cry from what your great grandfather, Ulysses P. McGillicutty Honeypot, wore to roll logs and shuck clams or whatever olde-tymey people from New England did back then. Or still do. I don't know. I'm from Cleveland.

Whatever, check out the seahorse pants and looks I love from the lookbook, which was styled by The Glamourai.

$79.99, LL Bean Signature
Y'all. LL Bean Signature seahorse batik pants must be seen to be fully appreciated. I bought a pair, and they're so Carole King-dreamy, and you'd best believe I'll style them with a leather jacket and my Tuleste Market black open-toe rosette booties. Also, you're in luck, because the seahorse pants are on sale for $79.

$59, LL Bean Signature

And like, would YOU EVER in your life think LL Bean would tie-dye ANYTHING? No. You'd be out of your mind. But you're not. Because it's happening. Oh, and this purple tie-dyed maxi skirt is also on sale. No, this isn't heaven. You're actually awake.

$59, LL Bean Signature 
Cute batik boatneck top! Never in a million could I, a woman with, let's say, ample curves, pull this off, but if you're not chesty, I imagine this would look full-frontal adorbs on you. And if you have black leather pants, I really think you should do that.

$79, LL Bean Signature
See? Twill school-teacher skirts can be SO CUTE!

$89, LL Bean Signature
REALLY cute bellbottom jeans, right?

$149, LL Bean Signature
I actually might consider violating my own no-ruffles-on-adults rule for this silk 8-bit crane print dress.

Oh yeah, LL Bean Signature has perma free shipping. Which is just beyond generous if you ask me.

Disclosure: I was invited to a private press preview and received a gift card. The more you know!

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