Monday, April 30, 2012

Yeardley Smith, The Voice Of Lisa Simpson Has A Really Cute Shoe Collection Called Marchez Vous

Weird, right? But I've heard weirder (as a Jew who went to college in the mountains of Virginia, TUHRUST me, I've heard and seen weirder). 

So, Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, has her own collection of shoes called Marchez Vous. I recently checked out the collection at a private preview where I met Yeardley, and you guys, she's your long-lost BFF (who also... happens to be one of the most recognizable voices on the Earth's surface). This woman is an absolute fucking firecracker, and is obviously living her best life because she took her love of shoes and turned it into a job, and keeps a coterie of EXTREMELY good-looking men at her ready at all times. (One's her trainer, and this dude in the photo is like... a Clark Kent-ish sort who she chills with because he's really attractive and because she can. Because she's smart.) Oh, and she loves cats. Great, right? Again, trust me when I tell you that Yeardley is uproariously funny, and I want to go on a wine-tasting trip with her and do karaoke with her, and talk about shoes and dudes and cats. Also, her entire lifestyle (hat tip to Beauty Blogging Junkie, from whom I co-opted the gratuitous use of the term "lifestyle") merits a reality show. Andy Cohen, if you're watching, I would watch this woman every week, so please get on that kthx.

Anyway, check out Marchez Vous -- they're decidedly sophisticated with subtly quirky details -- rich colors, lace cut-outs, flared heels, scalloped suede uppers, the unexpected use of BURLAP! -- and each style has its own name, personality and cheeky story, most of which imply casual wine consumption (in my mind). The brand feels geared toward women in their 30s and up who want a stylish shoe but realize that no reasonable human being can wear a needle heel for eight hours without having a silent nervous breakdown. Which is a roundabout way of saying that they're designed for comfort -- hidden platforms, generous padding, but zero orthopedic vibes. It's the rare collection that offers styles for a cute chick in her 20s plus picks that her mom could pull off without the horrifying "mom-shoe" look. 

Check out a few of my favorite pairs of Marchez Vous -- the Giselle is my favorite. Stay tuned for the Spring 2012 collection's polka dots and laser-cut Mary Janes with wood platforms.  And follow Marchez Vous on Twitter and retweet this tweet for a chance to win a free pair.

$395, Marchez Vous, Zappos

Giselle, Spring 2012

Disclosure: I attended a press preview and was gifted a pair of shoes. You probably don't care, but I'm obligated to tell you, and I'm too pretty for prison.

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