Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sorrelli Jewelry's Pinkberry Collection Makes Me Happier Than A Medium Peach Pinkberry With Mochi And Honey

This Sorrelli ring is FOUR rings in one, and THEY'RE ALL INSPIRED BY PINKBERRY!
There are few things on this planet that make me happier on a very primal, feeding-my-hungry-id level than Pinkberry. I will go several train stops out of my way for a cup of their tart, refreshing cups of frozen crack, and I have carefully crafted, intricately researched opinions (as in, I thought about it a lot) on various Pinkberry locations throughout the city (my favorites: Spring Street and the "secret" Pinkberry in Hell's Kitchen, because it's nearly hidden). I love it with a fury and a passion with which most people love their own children.

One of the other things (besides cats and the kind of carbs that involve pasta) that makes me happy on such a base, primitive level that only operant conditioning can thoroughly explain is sparkly jewelry.

So, when I heard that Sorrelli jewelry created a collection INSPIRED BY PINKBERRY AND that PINKBERRY WAS OPENING THEIR FIRST BROOKLYN LOCATION, I was pretty much like: 
I got a chance to check out the collection IN REAL LIFE at a preview event, and it is sparkle nirvana for just the price of a week's worth of Pinkberry. (The average piece is around $40, and nothing is over $100.)

Check out photos of Sorrelli's Pinkberry collection after the jump:

PR was kind enough to gift me the Sorrelli To The Point bracelet and Lovely Luxury earrings, which I "styled" on my Luxury For Cats coffee table book.
The Shining Star Pinkberry necklace is my favorite necklace of the bunch -- perfect layering piece.

That rock and gold bracelet isn't Pinkberry, but it is Sorrelli (out later this year), and it is extremely rad.

A few cool things to know about Sorrelli (and please note, no one is that no one is paying me to say these things -- it's just that any brand quirky enough to dedicate a collection of costume jewelry to Pinkberry can pretty much ensure my breathless, unbridled enthusiasm): They offer free repairs, which I think is excellent in an old-school "back-in-my-day-people-took-pride-in-their-work" sorta way. And, they're a family-owned and -operated business that originally got started in Brooklyn.

Ohhhh Sorrelli. You had me at "Pinkberry." Oh, and speaking of Brooklyn and Pinkberry, the Brooklyn Pinkberry is located in Park Slope at 161 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215, which, not coincidentally, will be the site of my eventual Pinkberry intervention.

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