Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alloy Has The CUTEST Bags. I'm Being Completely Serious Here

You guys. I am being completely honest and open, and I'm like, baring a very vulnerable part of my soul here when I tell you that Alloy has some REALLY cute bags (like this studded orange bag). Yes, THAT Alloy. The one for 12-year-olds. I'm practically old enough to HAVE MY OWN 12-YEAR-OLD (okay, not really, but also kind of really), but that didn't stop me from purchasing this nautical striped bag:

$39.90, Alloy.com

And I am SO glad that I did impulse-buy this, because this bag is infinitely cuter IRL than it is in the photo, and this is a pretty cute photo. It's made of a woven canvas, which was an unexpected surprise, a and it truly truly does not look like a $40 bag (except because it was just $40, I got one for my sister, since she pretty much needs a federal law passed mandating her to buy new things, which makes me question how we're even related, despite the fact that we look like twins). It looks like an $80 bag. At least. Oh, and another surprise? The cute quasi-tribal print inside:

Pick one up as a reward to yourself for surviving DIMOS (Drowning In My Own Sweat) weather and because if you're reading this blog, you're probably not the type of person who can walk away from a cheap stripey bag. 

Oh, and PS: Alloy also has REALLY cute striped espadrilles. I bought these too. NOT for use with striped bag, obviously. (**SHUDDER**)

$39.90, Alloy.com


Rainedlove said...

Woah,... I've been searching for a purse/bag company for ages that wasn't too expensive and reasonable.

The bag looks cali-girl, normally not my taste but this IS cute. I love it. <3

Fashion Iz NIT said...

That purse does look more than $40.00. It almost appears to have a different quaility from the photo you snapped yourself to the original.

Its funny that you would bring up bags bought from Alloy, that would have been the last place on my mind to search for a new handbag. I usually only think of jeans when I hear the name so thanks.

@fashioniznit on twitter

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