Tuesday, September 25, 2012

These Nicholas Kirkwood For Erdem Silk Ankle Boots With Acetate Heel, Though!

$1595, Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem, Net-a-porter.com
Shiiiiiiit. I used to think I worked to pay rent, for health insurance, and to avoid sleeping in a Dumpster. Now I think my near-future financial forecast may hinge upon these Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem silk ankle boots (via Elle). (Never said I wasn't superficial!) Painterly florals and totally mismatched geometric acetate block heel? Trespass sweetly urge! Also, is slinging rock REALLY that bad? It's only bad if you get caught, right? Just brainstorming.


Jenny said...

where do I find these shoes?? love them x

WANQ MEOW said...

hi, nice blog :)
i am new to blog ,

i am following you , hope you to follow me back

SUGAR LANE said...

omg! those shoes r to die for!
i've just found ur amazing blog!
have a lovely weekend :)
kisses from Spain,

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