Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Talk About Jeffrey Campbell's Lucite Litas, Shall We?

$169, Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck
I've always thought of Jeffrey Campbell Litas kinda like fennel -- not my taste, but I'm glad you're into them. It's not that I dislike them. I'm 5'1" and DESPERATELY need the extra inches. But as a total grandmaw, I have enough back problems to deal with, and I don't need a shoe malfunction to exacerbate them. But, I've tacitly accepted them since the silhouette can be sick if you can actually twerk out your walk in them and not end up clip-clopping all over the place like a baby horse in drag. But now that they poured Lucite down the Lita mold to cobble together their new patent leather Grad variation, I'm kinda rethinking my not-for-me Lita stance. Because they've effectively made them EVEN tackier -- a total selling point, IMO -- because I DO LOVE a plastic heel. Must be the secret stripper in me. The game? She has been changed.  

Very vampy, très Twilight.

When the "pep" in your step is Pepto Bismol.


Anonymous said...

those nicholas kirkwood for erdem heels are TO DIE FOR. they make me want to slap myself. a thousand times yes.

buy them, Vanessa :-)

Anna G said...

I use to be horrify by Lita shoes. Now I kind of want a pair of the Lucite ones. Ugh, damn Jeffery Campbell.

Rachel Davis said...

i lovee jeff campbell shoes! those burgundy ones are amazing :) now following

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