Saturday, December 01, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1: Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Fragrance & a-Thread Funfetti Sweater!

Ho ho ho, hoes! The holiday season is upon us! And while some boring-ass contrarian types may balk at an entire month devoted to consumerism, I say FUCK THEM -- GETTING PRESENTS IS THE BEST THING (besides carbs and white wine). Those Dismal Doras deserve no presents and should never know the joy of latkes or Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." 

Spend that money on yourself since they're so unappreciative. 

This month, I'm bringing you some of my favorite holiday gift picks for any fun chick (yourself included) on your shopping list. Check out some of my favorite apparel, accessories, beauty products, shoes, art, and experiences, plus some cool charitable organizations so you can give back as you get.

$38, Fresh,
I recently discovered Fresh's Hesperides grapefruit fragrance, and there's probably no turning back for me. It's a fresh (duhr), crisp, clean, reinvigorating fragrance that's made me realize that sometimes it's just as nice to smell like a fruit as it is a flower. Plus, I'm pretty sure I now smell like one of those people who juice ALL THE TIME.

I also recently discovered, an L.A.-based online boutique stocked with apparel and accessories that run from classic to quirky and kitschy (MY FAVORITE! If I so much as INTUIT something as bland as a neutral turtleneck or plain black blazer I'll burst into tears). Think Modcloth meets Madewell. Besides the fun selection and super affordable prices (most pieces are well under $100), my favorite thing about a-thread is that 5% of every single purchase goes to the charity of your choosing. a-Thread is affiliated with four non-profit partners: Thirst Relief, which provides clean drinking water solutions for impoverished communities around the world; L.A. Animal Services; Kiva, a non-profit that provides micro loans to potential business owners in developing nations; and Children Of The Night, which provides safety and rehabilitation for the many children in the United States who've become victims of sex trafficking. So, get a cute sweater that looks like fun-fetti (I wore mine for nearly a week straight when I was in Chicago and Michigan for a week over Thanksgiving), and give to one of four extremely worthwhile causes.

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