Monday, December 03, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Day 2: Bendel's East Meets West Necklace + Lush's Snow Fairy Shower Gel

How's that old saying go? Oh yeah: WEAR ALL OF THE SPARKLIEST THINGS EVER AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN, EVEN WHEN THE SITUATION DOESN'T CALL FOR IT. And the situation DEFINITELY calls for it all day erry day beginning December 1. Seriously, it's cold out, zero people look hot in sweaters (except for brutally hot dudes like Jon Hamm, and that's about it), so go HAM on the sparkly jewelry and shoes for the holidays. Especially where dinner parties and holiday soirees are involved. As far as I'm concerned (and I AM concerned), when you're invited to a holiday party, you should be wearing something that sparkles so hard you need to hand out those creepy little tanning bed glasses to all surrounding guests. And maybe issue one of those warnings to anyone with epilepsy. Henri Bendel's East Meets West Mykonos necklace, shot through with with Deco metallics and mother of pearl detail, shines like the light of a thousand menorahs. You could probably see it shine from space. It's so festive that it truly deserves its very own holiday.
$489, Henri Bendel,

From $9.95, Lush,
For some reason, while I loathe most floral bath products to the point of casting crass, cruel and unfair judgement, I enthusiastically endorse most bath products that leave my home smelling like a "Toddlers & Tiaras" pageant. I guess I'm regressing. Anyway, if I'm speaking your language, then introduce Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel into your next showering experience, close your eyes, and for a hot second you may be able to trick yourself into believe that bubblegum and candy floss are coming out of your shower head. (If only.) Seriously, this stuff's so good that I almost now kinda feel empathy for those woman in those commercials who are so taken by by shampoo that they basically have fake Os. I used to think they were crazy, but, like maybe I'M the one who's crazy for not believing in the power of delicious bath products. You've changed me, Lush. You've. Changed. Me.

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