Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Featured On Shoptiques, And I'll Probably Buy These Cheetah Ballet Flats To Celebrate!

$298, Dee Keller, Julep via Shoptiques
Aloha, passive consumers of this shopping blog! The nice folks at Shoptiques, which is a very cool online storefront for compulsively shoppable boutiques throughout the world, asked me to write about style and show you some of my favorite picks from their selection of boutiques like Cancan in Paris, Urban Alchemist in Brooklyn, and Annabelle in the Lower East Side.

Check out my Shoptiques feature, and to celebrate, someone should truly buy me these Dee Keller cheetah ballet flats from Julep in Houston. I've never been Julep or even Houston, but now I can visit from the anonymous comfort of computer and the literal comfort of my PJ pants. Also, buy "someone should buy me these cheetah flats," what I mean is "I will buy me these cheetah flats." Cheers!

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