Thursday, January 03, 2013

There's A Collina Strada New York City Sample Sale, And You Should Go!

Collina Strada (the alter ego of designer Hillary Taymour) has been one of my favorite indie brands for a few years and counting. (I met her at the Of A Kind sample sale last year and pretty much blurted out I LOVE YOU HAVE BABIES WITH ME like she was Lady Gaga or something. Then I scampered away making a derp face, because I'm a dork. REAL COOL, TAMRON! Smooth move, Ex Lax.)

Anyway, Hillary's been crafting mathematically leaning leather and cloth bags with geometrical leather accents and otherworldly canvas, and she recently ventured into understated yet edgy apparel.

I bought this bb from Dear Fieldbinder (could I please live there, by the way? I promise I'll do the dishes!) in 2011, and it's still one of my favorite bags.

Anyway, New Yorkers, go hit up the Collina Strada sample sale from Jan 3 - 6 at Eva New York. Everyone else, check out Of A Kind's Collina Strada stock.

Collina Strada sample sale
355A Bowery 
NY NY 10003  

1 comment:

VC Pulsator said...

Those Collin Strada bags look eerily similar to the ones sold on the BOND accessories website. I wonder if its the same co.

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