Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Partner Post: Macy's Boot Selection Is My Gift To You

By my watch, which I make a point of painstakingly syncing up with the Farmer's Almanac (okay, that's not true, but it'd be funny if it were!), we've only got a few more months to stay in boots. And while the holidays are technically over, the joys of shoe shopping are a 365-day affair, particularly at Macy's, where their selection of women's shoes is the gift that keeps on giving. ICYMI, the Herald Square flagship Macy's is undergoing a $400 million (that's like five Taylor Swifts!) renovation, and their shoe selection is more Homeric than ever. But in case you can't make the Odyssey to Herald Square, check out some of my favorite picks -- from studded-up Frye boots to buckled-up, menswear-inspired L.A.M.B. boots (good enough for Gwen, good enough for you, I say!), to lace-up Dolce Vita boots -- from Macy's boot selection.

$389.99, L.A.M.B.
Leave it to Gwen Stefani to flip the script on the classic Chelsea boot style, adding a perforated vamp and not one, not two but five belt buckles.
$59, Dirty Laundry,
I was totally meaning to buy a pair of old-school almond-toed (is that a thing? It is now, I guess) low-heeled boots, but then I got distracted, probably thinking about cats. But the neon laces in these Dirty Laundry boots, and the $59 price tag, are the only thing separating me from "thinking about buying" to "definitely buying."

$192.50, Boutique 9,
Dream kitschy boots right here. Kinda like how you try and pretend you don't heart Flo Rida but you secretly do, just admit that you're into these bejeweled suede platform boots and enjoy them out in the open.

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