Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cherry Bombe Is A Gorgeous New Magazine Celebrating Women And Food, Because Women Actually Eat And Even Enjoy It

Cherry Bombe magazine

I know that to some this may sound strange, but women like to eat (give us the right to vote and birth control and a few seats in the Senate, and we just end up getting totally carried away, amirite?) It may also come as a surprise to some that many women -- most, even! -- like to eat things richer and more exciting than salads or Lean Cuisines or highly processed, ersatz dairy products that reduce us to orgasmic moans, as most yogurt commercials would have you believe. (I know this may be a lot to take in -- if you need a moment to wipe your brow or steel yourself against the back of your chair, please pause to do so.)

And I swear I'm not even making this up: there's a brand-new biannual indie magazine called Cherry Bombe. (This magazine's not the swipey type. It's the old-fashioned parchment kind that used to live and breathe on the racks of all of those book stores that are mainly now either Starbucks, real estate offices, or hollowed-out, carpet-stained ghost boxes.)

Cherry Bombe is the brainchild of editorial and beauty/ fashion PR exec Kerry Diamond (she also owns Brooklyn restaurants Seersucker, Nightingale 9 and Smith Canteen with chef Rob Newton, who happens to be her boyfriend) and graphic designer Claudia Wu, and it celebrates women and food from a smart, stylish perspective and features a roster of (nearly) all-female contributors, chefs, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, photographers and culinary insiders and rebellious outsiders. (There's even an interview with a Harvard microbiologist because women! They're even allowed in labs!) It's an expertly curated food fantasia of guilty pleasures (Good Humor ice cream sandwiches!), aspirational alimentary experiences, recipes, reviews, and supermodels mixing cookie batter (that would be cover girl Karlie Kloss with Milk Bar's Christina Tossi), and it looks lovely on your coffee table, as I can attest.

Cherry Bombe is a 172-page (again, analog, print: weird!) all-girl jaunt around the food world, with stops in the East Village, Paris, Portland, Tennessee, and even a snow-covered seed repository in Norway. Think Love meets Bon Appetit meets National Geographic. Think you need to read Cherry Bombe? I think you're right.

Donate to the site's Kickstarter. $20 will get you the premiere issue, $35 will get you the issue and a cute canvas tote bag (love mine -- it's the extra roomy kind!), and if you've got 10 large to drop, you could add "Cherry Bombe Publisher" to your LinkedIn. And to your plate.

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