Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Can't Stop Thinking About Urban Decay's 40-Eyeliner Vault Set

Y'all. The fact that Urban Decay created a 40-set vault of their phenomenal eyeliners (if there were somehow an appealing mix of butter and velvet, these would be that) exists has me fuhreaking out and obsessing on like a deep, emotional Sarah McLachlan level. Unfortunately for me, the set sold out in NINE HOURS, so I'll have to dry my first-world tears and console myself with my favorite Urban Decay eyeliner shade, Lucky.

Still, I'm having odd visions of myself worshipping this set, gently kissing it reverently like the Torah. It's like the Sistene Chapel of beauty products -- you never really fully grasp its magnificence until you stand in its presence. 

What? Don't act like you've never felt all spiritual about eyeliner. What? Don't even act like you're not listening to "Possession" for the fifth time in 30 minutes!

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