Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So, I Bought A Banana Clip

Three of 'em, actually. You deal with it.

In addition to a banana clip, I'm wearing a floor-length coral pashmina robe my husband brought me back from Vietnam. Which is why I look like a '60s goddess. "Mad Men" shit right there. 
PS: My favorite thing about this, besides the fact that I'M NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF THREE BANANA CLIPS, AND IT'S THE YEAR 2013 (encroaching soul-crushing summer humidity + unruly curly hair problem = SOLVED, by the way) is that I bought this online ON A MOVING AIRPLANE, and they were at my house by the time I got home. SkyMall can't beat that shit. That is how it should be, y'all. TECHNOLOGY, YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT ME!

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