Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wildfox Has A Great Catsby Shirt, Fleece Cat Pants And REALLY Good Slouchy Sweaters. I Wouldn't Lie To You About Anything So Important

Wildfox's fall 2013 collection is inspired by a Great Gatsby pajama party, except hopefully no one dies in the pool. (Sorry -- SPOILER!) And what pajama party is complete with a cat? Or a six-eyed, two-nosed cat on MDMA? Also, if I could pick a pair of pants to be buried in, it'd obviously be those fleece cat-print loungey pants. It's ALL SO GOOD.  Does Baz Luhrmann know about this? Because he should. If I were him, I'd create a Great Gatbsy with an all-cat cast and the credits would say "Directed by Baz PURRman." GET IT?

Anyway, those slouchy Wildfox White Label sweaters? I can't even tell you the last time I was so excited by something with holes in it that wasn't a donut.

Oh yeah, there's a massive Wildfox denim line helmed by Michelle Siwy, but I'm so into the cat stuff that I can't even  fully focus on that right now.

Here, look at these photos I took while I pull myself together. Maybe splash water on my face or something.

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