Monday, June 03, 2013

I'm Currently Craving Degen's Pizza Sweater

Sure, Degen's adorable pizza sweater (via the excellent Solange & Friends feature in Brooklyn Magazine) is $288, but it's made in New York by knit wiz and fellow Ohioian Lindsay Degen, AND it's definitely carb-free. Also, speaking of carbs, maybe it comes with a side of breadsticks?

Get it in 30 minutes or less from Sword-Smith. Just kidding about the 30 minutes thing, but you can get free shipping with promo code "shipme."

You'd be smiling too if you had pizza on your sweater.

$288, Degen,

PS: HOLY SHIT check out these Degen platforms! They're SO good! I think I love them more than actual, tangible, edible pizza, and that's really saying a lot.
$319, Degen,

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