Monday, February 03, 2014

Toy Syndrome's Beetle Beanie Is So Cute It's Almost Creepy.

$25, Toy Syndrome. Use promo code "buggin" or "friend1" on Etsy, which is what I did.
And the hat tip literally goes to the inimitable, impossibly short, unstoppably stylish Sara Zucker for dusting the cobwebs (topical insect reference, btw) off of my unawares, accessory-deprived brain and letting the light of this insect-infested beanie in. 

It's by Toy Syndrome, aka Natalya Nyn, who, like me shares an affinity for teeny toys and bubblegum machine figurines... And who, unlike me, sewed a bunch of lizards onto a half shirt that caught Lena Dunham's eye, and the rest is archival "Girls" history.

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