Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mad for Plaid (and Other Kara Janx 'Kinis!)

OOOoooooh, girl, you KNOW you love this fetching lil 'kini by Project Runway 2 underdog, Kara Janx. ($110)

I, for one, would have a spot of trouble with the wee top (see post below), but on you, everything looks good!

If plaid invokes a Burberry hangover, check this ferocious piece, which I'm in ruv with: a tiger 'kini, also by Ms. Janx.

The only morts about it is having a set of tiger eyes right on top of your 'gyner. But if that's your thing, snatch this baby up. It's very D&G:

(by D&G)

available on ($88)

available on, but caveat emptor: it's denim! You've been warned. ($117)

available on ($123)

... and finally, i present you, the money shot:

available on ($68)

Ladies, if only one of the above suit was ever manufactured, and ownership of the above suit was granted to the victor of a bloody, hairy cage match between you and me, I would claw your face off without thought or remorse.


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