Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Prints and the Pauper (Me)

Having vanquished my desire for new candy-colored bags, I have recently become obsessed with print bags. Of course, as per my taste, the brighter and more colorful, the better. I'd buy all of these if I had the means, but I don't, so I (alas) won't. I will buy a couple, though, in all likelihood. Starting with...

...this African-print bag from Target. At only 13 bucks, you can't really go wrong. Hooray clearance! I fell in love with African fabrics after my friend Kerry showed me a bag she made from the stuff. And now i'm super-psyched to start making bags. I recently started making one using the one-for-all shoulder bag pattern, which I picked up at the Renegade Craft Fair, and of course there are a ton of tutorials on Craftster I want to attempt — one of these days. Once I have mastered the craft, I'll buy some of these beautiful African fabrics. In the meantime, I drool over the following:

This cute, insanely affordable tote ($18) comes from a seller on Etsy, which is a godsend for crafters and craft lovers alike.

Totally in love with the print on this bag, from the same Etsy seller. I want to marry it and have like 10,000 of its babies, in lots of different colors.

If I didn't know in my heart that I only carry clutches about twice a year, due to the necessity of having my hands free to hold things like drinks and iPods and cell phones, often at the same time, then i'd totally snap up this fun clutch, too.

This isn't purchasable, but I saw it in the background of a New York Times story about travel writers, and thought, first, What a cute bag. And then: What a horbz outfit that biker is wearing. She doesn't deserve it.

I know my birthday isn't till December, but maybe you want to purchase me a belated half-birthday present? Or a congrats-on-your-new-job present? Or a you-are-so-awesome, i-love-you, so-here's-something-just-because present? All of the following beauts from would be fine, fine candidates (mouseover the pictures for pricing info and, occasionally, additional commentary):

Interesting how that last one claims to "distribute weight to the back so
your arm rests comfortably at its side." A revolution in shoulder bags? Viva el hobo!

I don't carry messenger bags anymore, really. I prefer giant bags of the non-boob-smashing variety. But if I did, I would probably really like this leafy lovely — especially if I were a vegan:

Also really digging this modern, cow-free tote not only for its loopy-but-clean design, but also the exterior zippered pocket, perfect for those of us who are slaves to our ipods. And the silvery piping and bottom panel? Unnecessary but appreciated. I really might purchase that. I keep saying that, don't I?

I will NOT purchase this pocket-heavy polka-dot tote, even though I like it. Maybe if the vendor didn't have such a crappy picture of it. Eighteen bucks, saved!

I am about to win this awesome oversize retro kitty print tie-handle bag on Ebay. Don't steal it out from under me, or I'll have to scratch your eyes out.

I saw some girl on the street recently with a version of this DKNY circle bag. Another example of the picture not doing the product justice. Too expensive for what it is at $98.95, but cute nonetheless.

Half the girls you see out there seem to have a Brooklyn Industries bag. They've have had a ton of adorable prints in their time, but currently they're have only a few options, which is disappointing. I'd totally buy one of their bags — if they weren't so ubiquitous and recognizable, and if they didn't have that irritating logo patch sewn on to the corner. And if I were marched into a BK Industries store and forced at gunpoint to pick a bag, it'd be this one, in grey "houndstooth," even though I totally saw someone on the subway with it this very morning (worth noting, also, that I think the bag is not so gigundo in person; they must have really stuffed it silly for the photo shoot):

Or maybe the aqua. Oh, just kill me now.

Speaking of fantasy scenarios, if someone were to gift me with $340 that had to go to Freddy and Ma, I'd spend it on this bag, which I "designed myself," using their fun little Flash tool. They have about 8,000 prints on there to choose from. Knock yourself out.

When he's not pouring confetti over his head at concerts in abandoned pools, indie rocker Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav and his wife Anna are the brains behind Deadly Squire, a line of cool patterned housewares and accessories, including oven mitts, ties, placemats, dog beds, and more. A couple of their patterns strike me as a bit Dali-inspired. Observe:

Finally, I just thought you should know what bag I am carrying today. I pulled this out of my closet last night; strangely, it's been a couple years since I've bought it and I don't think I've ever rocked it! I don't know why: It's nice and roomy, a bold, pretty print, and has those key outer pockets. I believe I got it at Old Navy for about $16. Maybe this is the key to buying cheap-chain accessories: Store 'em away, forget about 'em, then pull them out two years later when no one remembers them! I am a genius!

If that makes you insane with jealousy, as it probably does, here is a similar eagle-print (not that you can really tell) bag by Built By Wendy, on sale for $56. Get the look!


Jessica said...

It is crazy how big Brooklyn Industries has become, everywhere you go you see someone wearing their stuff. I think it is a little too expensive for what it actually is.

all and all not a bad find on your little printed search!

ms. spinach said...

aahhh! i now want like 90 new bags. how to choose?

and! i ALSO saw that bag in the travel writing picture and loved it. the fabric I recognize from Ikea (it's still available in my local Ikea store, so probably in yours -- and there's also a black and white version). she probably just made it herself.

Tamron Lohan said...

jessica - i totally agree. it's nothing special for the price.

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