Thursday, August 10, 2006

Five to Grow On

Like myself, Pez dispensers and what will certainly be Cheyenne Kimball's career, this post is short and sweet.

I present you...

Five Summer(-ish) Sale Items

1. Pink Studio Margaret Orange Pumps
(A WTF-inducing mere $36, Pink Studio,

These adorable pumps have stripped away everything I hate about wedges (the wedge), taken everything I love about the color orange (everything) to create one PERFECT summer shoe! And the saintly folks at Berkstore priced them at only $36!! SMASHING!

** BREAKING NEWS ** I totes just ordered these, and they have FREE US five-day shipping! Seriously -- they were ONLY $36! Whut?

2. Sweety-sweets Tux Top
($29, not sure,

Three cheers for this absurdly high-clizass shirt at a sticker price that's decidely low-rent! And what's even less morts: you can wear this summer shirt straight into fall.

UPDATE: This top is now, unforch, sold out (thank you Leanne for the alert!), but check out this very similar and very cute top instead!

3. Grey Jeans
($99, Blue Cult,

Mayday! Total fall jeans at summer prices! To be sure, a hunny is a lotta scrill, but not bad for a pair of jeans which, trust me here, will add some sass to yer ass. I'm gonna ride the grey jeans trend til my fave pair get holes all up in the thigh area. NOT that that's ever happened to me or anything.

4. Totes Pineapple Tote!
($10, Amici,

This tote is totes cuter than Macaulay Culkin when he did that ridiculously overexposed hands-on-his-cheeks-Oh-face thing. And mark my words Betties, pineapples are the new grey.

5. Solid Gold Circle Necklace
($39, Yochi,

Buy this and hang onto it, because soon after the Sienna Goes On Beach Holiday! nautical resortwear trend dies, you'll still be able to rock this bitch with a black sweater and pencil skirt and look every bit the elegant gal you know and I know you can be. (When you try.)


Leanne said...

tuxedo top is SOLD OUT! My dreams have been dashed. But, it was fun to try. Keep bringing me more cool sale items! I can't stop spending ....

Anonymous said...

i LOVE my grey jeans...hope i dont get bored of them soon!

fusion boutique said...

I love the tuxedo top it is very cute and stylish. That style looks great with a pair of jeans. Great find!!

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