Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ten Dreamy Summer Dresses (to Drive Out This Dreadful Season)

How happy am I that summer's almost over? I know you probs wanna smack me for saying so, but I hate the summer. Everyone’s all like "blabbity blah, the beach rules!" But honestly, unless you live at one, you inevitably only end up going MAYBE three times if you REALLY put your back into it. Otherwise you spend 100+ days wiping away layers of sweat from your face and fighting frizz. But that’s just me. Fall fashions are superlatively better than summer. Duh hickey! NEVERTHELESS, before summer’s done, I will humor you sun-loving, in-line-for-melanoma people with ten last-minute summer dresses. I consider them last-minute since sweaters are showing up in stores already, and truly, this shit can't end soon enough.

Let's begin with the obvious...

Wear this...

To the beach
($29, Ben Sherman,

To brunch in Park Slope
($306, 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent,

On the L Train
($202, Spring & Clifton,

To a backyard Tupperware party
(Approx $47, Betty Jackson.Black,

To an evening wedding
($425, Nanette Lepore,

Poolside at the Soho House/ YMCA
($106, Mara Hoffman,

To the farmer's market or to work (or to work if you work at a farmer's market)
($192, Vivenne Tam,

To a heaven & hell party
($290, Eskell,

To your boyfriend's family reunion

And finally...

On your couch, watching a Saturday marathon of "The Hills"
($1393, Matthew Williamson,

Lastly ... RUN, don't walk to your nearest new browser window! You only have ONE DAY LEFT to bid on Tori Spelling's used pajamas! Happy bidding!


Anonymous said...

Don't think I would want to wear most of them.

Black Barbie Gives You This Stress Test said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tamron Lohan said...

frowny face.

kylie said...

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by at my shameful blog. Im so glad you did because now I have found yours and it makes me piss with laughter!

I particulary loved your post about ugly shoes. I have a MAJOR thing for ugly shoes and the people who wear them.

Keep it coming!

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