Thursday, September 21, 2006

Atlantic Fashion Antics!

This past weekend I took advantage of the gorgeous Indian summer weather and headed out to the Atlantic Antic, which is like the granddaddy of street festivals in New York (probably not the world). In addition to the masses of tasty treats available from the restaurants on Atlantic Avenue, the live bands, the demonstrations of martial arts and dance and workout moves, there was no shortage of fashion. I'm afraid my camera ran out of batteries and I didn't get to photograph enough of the wares, but there were a ton of beautiful African fabrics in booth after booth, and a smattering of indie-white-girl wares. I actually bought a quilted blue reversible miniskirt for the low, low price of $25 from just such a white girl. This is it:

It's by Fofolle, which is French for "wacky girl." Her very cool skirts can be found at Flirt in Carroll Gardens and Neda in Park Slope (Brooklyn, baby!). On the site I discovered I got my quilted skirt at a huge discount, since it usually costs $80. Woooh!

Here are some cool drapey dresses that I imagine were made by another of the species:

I also did a little street photojournalism, if you will. Here are some of my favorites:

The pic ain't the greatest, but these ladies were a vision of vibrant color.


Why is this little boy dressed in a prison jumpsuit, I wonder? Perhaps he is making his getaway...

Not that there's anything wrong with dressing in head-to-toe orange. This chica is making a fine case for it in her floor-grazing orange jersey number. People were talking about her. I bet she was so psyched to be able to wear it again. Can I get a hell yeah for hot weather? My vote for best-dressed.

Runner-up is this girl rocking the gray stirrup leggings. I haven't really seen these much. Good work, girl! Let's get a closer look, shall we?

Finally, I wanted to mention the awesome T-shirt company Campfire, out of my birth state of Ohio, who had a table covered in cute T-shirts. I had to walk away to ensure that I didn't accidentally buy several. They have a whole series of state tees, which would have been a boon back when I attempted to collect a shirt for every state. They also have a series of city tees.

This one makes me wish I'd popped out in Akron instead of Toledo, but what can you do?

Lucky New Jersey even gets its own shirt, in addition to the one for the state series (which is frankly kind of disappointing). How cute is that? A definite improvement on this pukey aqua blue and hot-pink shirt I wore out as a tween that said "Jersey girls, best in the world." I loved that T-shirt.

There is no shortage of humorous T-shirts, some with irony.

Shirts for design nerds....

...and shirts for grammar nerds! Sweet, huh?

And that's all the news that's fit to post. Long live Brooklyn, Ohio, and the world!


Tamron Lohan said...

I'm O.G. from Ohio too, and doncha fergit it!! Long live O-TOWN (the state, not the boy band).

Anonymous said...

Yay Ohio!

coupon riot said...

saw you had a link over on the bag blog...great blog here, but you need some color!

Suzy. said...

I saw the colorful women on the subway coming home from work. i tried not to stare but the woman's hat was amazing. crazy to see their photos here.

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