Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fred Flare For Free!*

* Kay, not really free, but close to it. (I just wanted to make an alliteration). Nurse your Fashion Week high or hangover with FF's humungtown sale tomorrow. But only from 11AM - 2PM (?? What? Guess you don't wanna like give away the farm or whatever).

Anyway, if you want totes cheap cuters, like SERIOUSLY insanely, like little-kitten-licking-a-bigger-kitten's-head-and-the-bigger-kitten-is-
annoyed-yet-patiently-dealing-with-it levels of cute, go check it out. Oh yeah, and if you live in NYC, because that's where it is. (Don't weep if you don't -- their online sale prices are great).

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