Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Book 'em Dano!

The formidable Williamsburg designer, Wendy Mullin, just published a great little sewing book called Sew U. Many of you are probably familiar with the Built By Wendy collection .

I happen to be in possession of this soup-to-nuts publication, but I've yet to test my dilettante skills on any of the projects. Wendy covers everything from equipment to basic pattern-reading skills to fashioning your own pseudo Built By Wendy designs from scratch. And as an added bonus, your $25.99 includes 3 patterns (skirt, pants, shirt).

So for any of you Built By Wendy fans who want to get the look for less (well, less cash at least--not less sweat), pick up the book. In the meantime, hopefully next time you see me I'll be wearing a new creation of my own. I think my hourglass figure would look great in this, no?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was all excited about buying the book until I saw that dress.

You did a good job matching the plaid at the seams though. But this plaid was not meant to be worn.

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