Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Newport Shoes

Dudes. Newport News, yes that old-school mail-order catalog that's known for clothing so bad it actually may be worse than Victoria's Secret's... Stuff like this:

...yes, THAT Newport News... ACTUALLY HAS CUTE SHOES. For CHEAP! I'm not even joking around here. Observe.

I done got these:
(Suede, $39)

And these:
(Actual leather, $29)

Seriously! I absolutely love SIMPLE leather monochromatic pumps with approximately 3" heels, no bells, whistles or hoochie embellishments, and HERE THEY ARE.

Check out their sale on the aforementioned. I don't need to tell you to ignore the monstrosities at the bottom. Bad with the good, people.

More cute (again, I still can't believe I'm saying this) Newport News shoes and boots:


(Real-deal leather, $69)

(Leather, $29!)

($29!!! Suede!!!!)

And then, of course, more horbsness:

It's almost like a treasure hunt! Of cute stuff! Amongst extreme grotesqueries! Weeeee!


J Seacrest said...

I think you're being too closed-minded about that oddly attractive black with cream floral pattern and pom-pom number. In the right circumstance it could be alright.

ambika said...

Not to be 13, but word. I actually ordered some clothing from their site, shocked that it was so cute, only to be disappointed when it ran so big (had to return everything). Next time I'll try the shoes since they can't get that wrong.

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