Friday, January 19, 2007

Color Me Bad


Urban Outfitters totally loses its marbles. Horbs.

These skinny jeans, however, are super cute.
($119, J Brand, Girlshop)

That's it for now. Still recovering from the optical assault of seeing those hein Skittles-colored skinny jeans in my inbox.


Lauren said...

I will have you no that coloured jeans or 'hein Skittles-colored" as you call them are very popular in Australia. So I reckon that they should just bring them on over here were we of bright colours can appreciate them

Anonymous said...

:) "Please, dear god, no" is exactly what I said when I saw the email ... that's one trend I definitely won't be buying into.

ambika said...

I was equally horrified when I saw these in the catalogue they inexplicably sent me. The 80s are fully returned and it is now the End Days.

Anonymous said...

omg i said the exact same thing when I got their email. A lot of Urban Outfitters stuff is cool but this is just... omg no! lol

check out my blog!!!

S said...

Oh no... this is so wrong. Green, red, orange, and every other Crayola colour skinny jeans? What cruelty the fashion world has forced upon us.

At least Urban Outfitters doesn't make coloured leggings. Oh wait, they do!

Great blog you have here! Cheers!

Tamron Lohan said...

Sorry, Australia. America has spoken!

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