Monday, January 15, 2007

Spring Forecasting

Ok. Here's a bunch of stuff I want for spring or pretty much any other season.

Mike and Chris
Ideally, I think someone should buy me this jacket:

($825, RonHerman)

Now the good thing about this jacket: it's awesome. The bad thing: it literally costs as much as my rent. But, I bet it's warm enough to keep me toasty if I needed to sleep outside my apartment for a month!

Apparently Old Navy knocked it off, and while it's sold out (boo!) you can get it on ebay if you're quick-fingered enough. Yay!

Here's another rad Mike and Chris jacket, in a slightly less threatening camel color:


And Earnest Sewn has a cheaper, albeit wool, version of THAT jacket:


Some more cute Mike and Chris stuff that's slighty more in the realistic realm of my beer pockets:
You are totally the smartest girl in your English class in this piece.

Totally the smartest girl in your boring weekly meeting... Sorta reminds me of Karen O., except this isn't really annoying and weird for the sake of being weird. Oh damn... WAIT! They totally NAMECHECKED her in the description! Copy cats. I hate when people cop my genius!

Fantasy Dress

($368, Cynthie Steffe,
I don't care if it's not very spring-y. It's pretty much awesome. The booby part is VERY Janet 1814/ Madonna, circa her "Express Yourself"/ Breathless Mahoney era.

Rad Shoes, On Sale

($85, oh Deer! -- cute name! --
DSS -- Definitely Spring Shoes

Awesome, Yet Way More Expensive Shoes

($341, Eileen Shields,
Sweet, but I could totally see finding a totes similar pair for more cheapers, you know?

Lame Shirt With Fun Packaging

($25, DOE,
Not for all of the free "orange drink" in the world would I ever wear McDonald's apparel, but I DO like the fact that it comes in a Happy Meal box. That's just plain Amurrican fun:

Here's a Token Bathing Suit

($125, Missoni,
Loves. Totes great price too. And the stringiness means NONE of that horbs restrictive elastic band situation. Not that I know what that's like or anything. Just heard from other people. Poor dearies!

Cool Shirts

($30, Uzi,

($32, Opening Ceremony,
Also awesome.

Less Than a Latte
($3, Vegas & Mia,
Yay! Cheap accessories are awesome in ANY season. K, byeeee!

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