Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cute Coats + More Darling Dresses, Dude

Alliteration is kicking my ass these days, nomesayin? Anyway, here are some totally presh dresses and great coats and jackets.

($262.50, Catherine Malandrino,
This Catherine Malandrino stars dress is blowing my mind. I freaking love it. And it looked better on Carmen Electra, believe it or not, with all her curves and what not. Not loving it with the black hose, but whatevs. I would rock it and rock it right. They've also got it here, but HELLO! I just saved you over $100 bucks.

($88, Catherine Malandrino,
I also LOVE this Catherine Malandrino dress, but it's solllld out. Lame. See if you can find it elsewhere, though. I would, but I'm busy.

($47.20, Beau Bois,
This gorgeous '20s dress is not only beautiful, but that price is possibly even more gorgeous. A warning: these type of dresses often look better on Mischa Barton bodies. I learned that the hard way. But you don't have to take my word for it.

($128.70 USD, French Connection,
I LOOOOVE this beauteous butterfly dress, and due to my recent conversion to the brown side (um, ew. That sounded really bad), I even love this version probably even more than the white one.

($76.99, To the Max by BCBG,
I'm not going to lie: this site freaks me out a little bit, but I love this coat, and it was on Overstock, but it sold out. Anyway, I like the British-esque buttoned-up-yness. Very Sherlock Holmes-like.

($74.99, Via Spiga,
This looks warm and snuggly but not too super puffy. But again, what's up with this site? Ok to WHAT? Also, they have other sizes but they do that stupid thing where they list them separately. Boo.

Finally, much to my dismay, I can't grab this photo. Boo again. Anyway, check out this rad vintage grey jacket with fur trim. It's on the new Goodwill site and there's only two days left as of now.

No, I'm not all about fur, but look, it died A LONG time ago, okay? And the jacket is OLD. No one's going to go out and shoot another rabbit just because you bought this, ok? Well, ok, more rabbits are probably going to die, but it won't be your fault.

More about this site: it's the new Goodwill (as in the thrift store) auction site. It's sorta like eBay but the only sellers are Goodwills throughout the U.S. But you bid like eBay. I think it's a great idea -- more money going to charity. And for vintage lovers like myself in New York, where "thrift" t-shirts start at like $50, I'm like YAY! More access to vintage.

Here's some more sweet stuff I found:
+ Dooney & Burke bag
+ Cowboy boots, size 7
+ Etra navy blue leather vintage purse
+ Red patent leather (VERY in for spring!) "Miss America" purse
+ Awesome fuck-me red vintage heels and matching bag
+ Hot fuck-me black vintage bow slide heels
+ Rad vintage purple rhinestone necklace
+ Amazing off-white leather vintage boots
+ Sweet blue vintage cowboy boots
+ Vintage Persian lamb jacket with mink collar -- again, sorry
+ Insanely rad size 6.5 vintage brocade heels
+ Vintage black snakeskin bag

Wow. Divulging that much up-for-grabs vintage awesomeness is basically a total shopping mitzvah. Now pay it forward, hos!


ambika said...

That Beau Bois dress looks to be satin, which is definitely hard to pull off. At that price, though, it's awfully tempting.

Amazing finds. Who knew goodwill had online shopping?

marina said...

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