Friday, January 12, 2007

More Grey Boots, Please!

If you've read like, over half of my previous posts, you probs know that I LOVE grey boots. Despite the fact that I own none, my blogdentity is pathetically tied to my great adoration of grey heeled footwear.

Now, let's not waste any more time that could be devoted to the object of my affection!

($119, Dolce Vita, Urban)

($150, Jeffrey Campbell, Urban)

($214, Charlotte Ronson,

Urban Outfitters had another pair but their site's wonked out. Eff 'em, I say!

Now, of course, you're gonna be needing some cuters tights to go with those. Check these:

($11-ish, Jonathan Aston,

(About $9, Pamela Mann,
Both of the above picks have lotsa other bold, bright colors that you've probably thought about painting your bedroom but are ultimately satisfied that you didn't.

Speaking of being totally wack, here is a pair of miracle hosiery which can magically eradicate your complete and utter lack of willpower you've demonstrated in the face of carbohydrates for the past five or six years:

(A whopping $50, Palmers, and everywhere fine coffee-based pantyhose are sold!)
More info about coffeehose here. At $50, I say purging is STILL cheaper. (KIDDING, peeps!)

Dudes, you're often excluded from the excitement of the 'Binge. Well, dry those proverbial dude tears, fellas, because boys don't cry! Then, bust out three c-notes, because these "trainers" rule:

($285, Common Projects,

And now, here it is folks, your fashion morts:
($129, Suck City)

1 comment:

ambika said...

The bit about tights and carbs had me laughing. Plus, the J. Campbell boots are wonderful. Who knew I could still fall for the pirate look?

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