Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shoes. Oh my God. Shoes



Oh my God.


Specifically British shoes. Everyone knows the British Office is better. Duh. Check out these ridiculously rad heels and boots from The Office (the "shoppe," not the "programme").

(a ridiculous $49 USD)

Pricey, but pretty.

(Approximately $107)
So awesome.

(Approximately $107)
Even awesomer in grey.

(Approximately $58 USD)

(About $88 USD)
BYOBooyah: The money shot.

And, from the fucking fab F-Troupe (also British):


And... eventhough it's not shoes, it IS British:

Ok. I'm off to the beautiful, blustry Midwest, so merry everything to all, and to all ... Dzienkuje!


Anonymous said...

The footwear is all dreamy! If I was to pick a fav it'd be the grey leather boots, yum.

Anonymous said...

Love the grey boots. I am looking for a pair of grey boots to add to my boot collection.

ambika said...

Love *all* of the grey shoes. I can't pick one--they're all just so gorgeous.

Lake-Shore.Co.Uk said...

Love them all

Martin said...

Those shoes are really cute and I would have purchased for my girl friend, if I would have seen this blog before. However I just purchased Women's Steve Madden Saddle boots
for her and we are really waiting for its arrival.

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